Landscape lighting adds dramatic view to your property and increase the aesthetic of your property along with the security.

Landscape lighting involves installation of lights of different colors and sized in such a way that it complements the entire home décor. However, one can make the installation an excellent do-it-yourself task. It requires a bit planning before starting with the lighting installation project.

For the successful completion of the lighting project, it is wise to hire electricians in Connecticut (or anywhere else, as per your geographical preferences). The electricians are the professionals to complete the lighting project keeping in mind the aesthetic as well as safety measures.

  • Create the outline of the area where the lighting being installed and make the rough estimations of the locations for light installation.
  • The location such as water features and steps must be properly lightened to prevent falling.
  • Make the right selection for the lights for different locations in the yard. It is important to keep in mind the wattage of each light you are going to select for your yard.
  • Find the secure location to place the landscape lighting transformer.
  • Make estimation for the total wattage of lights in order to determine the wattage of transformer you need to install.
  • Place the landscape lights and wirings in such a way that they create uniformity after installation. There should be, at least, eight feet of distance between each light.
  • When installing lights around the pool area, it is important to focus on that wires remain hidden from the direct touch. Wires should be insulated in a protective sheath.
  • To lighten the pathways with colorful lightings along with safety and security, it is wise to place the wires underground. So that they do not create interference to the walkers and prevent them from shots.
  • To achieve the attractive lighting effects, consider up lighting to light the tree with the help of a fixture at the base. Installation of spotlighting creates a focal point and highlights the place where it is installed. In addition to this, cross lighting and back lighting add more to the enhance the visual appeal of the yard.
  • It is wise to run a test prior to light installation. It will give you an idea whether or not the particular light color or direction is suitable for that place.

Electricians in Connecticut are known for their expertise to make your landscape lighting project successful.